Episode 70 - The Travis Bean TB1000S

This week we talk about the ins and outs of a short-lived but legendary guitar manufacturer. Travis Bean made aluminum-necked guitars for just a handful of years, but they have achieved cult status among players. There is nothing like the distinctive ‘ker-plack’ of an aluminum guitar, to which anyone who has ever heard Shellac will attest.

Podcasting is thirsty work; it’s crucial that everyone involved stay hydrated. The following fine beverage contributed to the success of this episode:

American Soda Company Black Cherry

We played pieces of the following songs to illustrate the characteristic sound of vintage Travis Bean guitars:

“Passenger” from Terrapin Station by The Grateful Dead
“6x6” from New World Record by Poster Children
“Dirty Air” from Italian Platinum by Silkworm
“Untitled 5” from 2003 by Switchblade (SWE)
“Compliant” from Dude Incredible by Shellac


Electro-Harmonix Ocean’s 11 Reverb
Electro-Harmonix Big Muff Triangle Reissue Fuzz
Mantic Effects Flex Pro Envelope Filter & Fuzz

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