Episode 55 - The Fender Performer

In 1985, CBS sold Fender to an investment group led by Bill Schultz. Unfortunately, the sale didn’t include a factory, so manufacturing was sent to Japan until new accommodations could be made in the US. Caught in the crossfire of this upheaval was the Performer. This American-designed instrument never made it back from Japan, and was discontinued after only a year.

Episode 54 - The Music Man StingRay

This week we explore the little-known Music Man StingRay guitar, one of Leo Fender’s first guitar designs after selling his company to CBS. We learn that Leo really, really liked treble. So, if you want a guitar capable of sounding like tinfoil, listen in…

Episode 53 - The EVH '78 Eruption

Video Director and Van Halen expert Ken LaBarre joins us from beautiful Madison, Wisconsin to talk about the EVH ‘78 Eruption guitar - one of only 30 in existence. We also hear about Ken’s exploits with Childish Gambino and LCD Soundsystem, among other live acts for whom he’s directed video. Gonna be a good one…

Episode 52 - The Wandre Cobra

It’s our anniversary! We’ve been fudging the facts and making stuff up every week for an entire year - that’s 52 whole episodes! Enjoy everything there is to know about Wandre Guitars, and thanks for listening!

Episode 51 - The Guild Polara

Back to the Hoboken, NJ for this week’s episode, courtesy of a lovely 1965 Guild Polara. We’re convinced this instrument has fantastic tone, but we’re not sold on the built-in kickstand idea…

Episode 50 - The National Varsity

Oh, the wonders of fiberglass - especially when it’s used to make a guitar. This week we look into the National Varsity and talk about its science-y origins.

Episode 49 - The Harmony Rocket

Back to Chicago this week for a look at the Harmony Rocket guitar, one of ten million made by the company over their long history.

Episode 48 - The Fender Duo Sonic

The Fender Duo Sonic was introduced as a student model guitar in the 1950s. It has since become a go-to instrument for scores of professional players. Why? Join us as we take miscellaneous guesses…

Episode 47 - Abernethy Guitars

We’ve got a custom guitar builder in the house! Justin Abernethy of Abernethy Guitars joins us to talk about his work. If you want to know more about these fine instruments, this episode is for you!


Episode 46 - The Rickenbacker Lap Steel

We had a swell time this week hosting Graig Markel and Zera Marvel from Recovery Effects. They stopped by High Gain Central with a Rickenbacker lap steel guitar and a pile of their fine, fine pedals. We laughed, we cried, we made shit up.


Episode 45 - The Fender Precision Bass

Bass player Jeff Rouse joins Ed and John this week for a spirited look at pie, cat litter and the Fender Precision Bass. Join us, won’t you?


Episode 44 - The Strandberg Sälen

We head back to Sweden this week for a look at the Strandberg Sälen headless guitar. Truly an ergonomic wonder, we investigate its ins and outs and figure out who is playing them these days. Listen in!

Episode 43 - The Gretsch Silver Jet

So sparkly! This week we’re putting a beautiful 1955 Gretsch Silver Jet through the wringer of our pseudo-expertise. You won’t want to miss this one!

Episode 42 - The Epiphone Coronet

Ed and John are blown away this week by a startlingly great example of a 1959 Epiphone Coronet. If you’re looking to rip someone’s head off with a wall of sound, you might want to listen in to this episode.

Episode 41 - The Fernandes ZO-3

Superfan Steve Malibu visits us this week, and shares with us his encyclopedic knowledge of Deep Purple, as well as his sweet Fernandes ZO-3 guitar. Nothing is off-limits, and Steve delivers.

Episode 40 - The Hamer Sunburst

We’re heading back to Chicago! This time we’re exploring the beginnings of Hamer Guitars, via a 1978 black Sunburst. Paul Hamer was responsible for the first vintage guitar shop, and was arguably the first high-end boutique guitar maker. So there.

Episode 39 - The Gibson ES-335

This week we scratch the surface of the venerable Gibson ES-335 semi-hollowbody guitar. This thing has been the go-to instrument for a plethora of musicians since its introduction in 1958. What’s the fuss about? Listen in…

Episode 38 - The Gibson Nighthawk

A mini humbucker, a regular humbucker, AND a single coil? Could this be the closest Gibson ever got to being a Fender? Find out what we think of the Nighthawk.

Episode 37 - The Silvertone Silhouette

Remember Sears? Remember the catalog? Remember staring at the guitars for hours and hours, until you went blind in one eye? We do… This week we take a fond look back at those times, through the eyes of a 1964 Silvertone Silhouette.

Episode 36 - The Ernie Ball Music Man St. Vincent

Who’s got 4 thumbs and loves St. Vincent? Us! So this week we’re exploring the history of Ernie Ball Music Man, and taking a look at the St. Vincent signature model guitar.