Episode 69 - The Kay 6535

This week we’ve got a special guest. Eric Claesson from the West Seattle band Swinson and The Expedition joins us to talk about the history of his Kay 6535 hollowbody archtop guitar. It’s a wild ride, passing through murder hotels, Swedish naming legalities, and monkeys in space. We also play some Swinson songs, and examples of other artists who favor Kay hollowbodies. Come along, won’t you?

Podcasting is thirsty work; it’s crucial that everyone involved stay hydrated. The following fine beverages contributed to the success of this episode:

Bäska Droppar, direct from Sweden. If you haven’t had aquavit, give it a try. It’s good for you.
Teavana Pineapple Berry Blue Herbal Tea. Full of all the healthy things Ed seems to like.
Backcountry Brewing Widowmaker IPA. Eric brought along this refreshing beverage, made by our friends to the North in Squamish B.C.

We played pieces of the following songs to illustrate the characteristic sound of Kay hollowbody guitars:

“You Gonna Need My Help” from The Folk Singer by Muddy Waters
“Living in the City” from The Navigator by Hurray for the Riff Raff
“Seven Nation Army” from Elephant by The White Stripes
“L’Hiver” from Out for Blood by the X-Ray Cat Trio
“Sven’s Whistle” from Vol.1 by Swinson and The Expedition
”Noble Slurry” from Vol.1 by Swinson and The Expedition

John KieltykaComment