Episode 71 - The Fender Maverick

“What are we gonna do with all these leftover necks and bodies?”
”Well, there’s a bandsaw over there. I’ll think of something…”

And that’s how the Fender Maverick was born. Heartwarming, isn’t it? This guitar plays wonderfully and sounds great. Join us on a journey of discovery, won’t you?

Podcasting is thirsty work; it’s crucial that everyone involved stay hydrated. The following fine beverages contributed to the success of this episode:

Superfan Chris Baugh sent us some Lithuanian Gubernija White Bread Kvass. Made from fermented bread, this non-alcoholic beverage, apparently, is more popular in Russia than Coca-Cola. That’s what The Internet says, anyway…

Ed thinks it tastes like a liquid gingerbread house.

We played pieces of the following songs to illustrate the characteristic sound of The Fender Electric XII and Maverick guitars:

Wade in the Water” from Sounds Like... Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass by Herb Alpert
“What Goes On” from The Velvet Underground by The Velvet Underground
“Underture” from Tommy by The Who
“When the Levee Breaks” from Led Zeppelin IV by Led Zeppelin
“Stairway to Heaven” from The Song Remains the Same by Led Zeppelin

Would you like to know more about the pedals we played in this episode? Follow the links to the manufacturers’ pages:


Electro-Harmonix Ocean’s 11 Reverb
Old Blood Noise Endeavors Alpha Haunt Fuzz