Episode 53 - The EVH '78 Eruption

Video Director and Van Halen expert Ken LaBarre joins us from beautiful Madison, Wisconsin to talk about the EVH ‘78 Eruption guitar - one of only 30 in existence. We also hear about Ken’s exploits with Childish Gambino and LCD Soundsystem, among other live acts for whom he’s directed video. Gonna be a good one…

Episode 18 - Apland Guitars

This week our guest is pro woodworkerJeremy Apland, of Seattle's own Apland Guitars. He runs us through two of his instruments, built one at a time and entirely by hand. If you've ever wondered how guitars get made, but were afraid of asking dumb questions, we've got you covered - we love sounding dumb!


Jeremy Apland with the 97 Cam, and his 1997 Toyota Camry