Episode 58 - The Fender Coronado

This week we’re diving into one of Fender’s flops from the late 60s, the Coronado. It’s a great hollowbody guitar, designed by Roger Rossmeisl, the legendary man behind so many Rickenbacker designs.

Episode 42 - The Epiphone Coronet

Ed and John are blown away this week by a startlingly great example of a 1959 Epiphone Coronet. If you’re looking to rip someone’s head off with a wall of sound, you might want to listen in to this episode.

Episode 10 - The G&L Legacy

Do you think Leo Fender just cut bait and ran after he got that sinus infection and sold Fender in 1965? Nope. He picked himself up, got back down to his fighting weight, and ended up making more guitars! John and Ed take a closer look at a Legacy, from Leo's G&L days.