Episode 11 - The Peavey T-60

This week John and Ed travel south to Peavey, Mississippi in search of the story behind the T-60. They find a young Hartley Peavey, in the 1970s,  hard at work innovating the production techniques that would allow him to compete with the big boys on a global scale.

Episode 10 - The G&L Legacy

Do you think Leo Fender just cut bait and ran after he got that sinus infection and sold Fender in 1965? Nope. He picked himself up, got back down to his fighting weight, and ended up making more guitars! John and Ed take a closer look at a Legacy, from Leo's G&L days.

Episode 9 - The Parker Fly

Ever wonder what it's like to play a spaceship? We did, too. This week's episode takes Ed and John a little bit out of their comfort zone, and into the science fiction world of Parker Guitars.

Episode 8 - The Ovation Deacon

What do helicopters, Glen Campbell and Ovation guitars have in common? The Deacon! This week we dissect this fascinating instrument, and try to answer the question "Why?"

Episode 7 - The Fender Jazzmaster

This week we are lucky to have in the studio Frank Gross, the owner of Thunder Road Guitars in beautiful West Seattle!  Frank has brought with him a 1959 Fender Jazzmaster, in its original case - which happens to have a gaping bullet hole shot clean through it. Awesome!...

Make sure to check out all the cool guitars Frank has online on any given day, or better yet - stop by if you're in West Seattle. Tell 'em The High Gain sent you!

Frank Gross of Thunder Road Guitars

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Episode 6 - The Ibanez Artist

Nothing can stop the Hoshinos! This week Ed and John have gotten hold of a 1982 Ibanez Artist. Listen as they travel from Spain, to Japan, to America, to bring you the history behind the company responsible for this fine instrument. 

Episode 5 - The Hagstrom III

This week we discuss Hagstrom guitars, once made in the great land of Sweden. How did a major accordion manufacturer decide to make guitars? Join Ed and John as they attempt to decode the multitude of switches on a 1967 Hagstrom III

Episode 4 - The Gibson SG

In this episode Ed and John unpack lots of fun facts about the longest running guitar model in Gibson’s history, the SG. From Big Momma Thornton to AC/DC, you’re bound to learn something…

Episode 3 - The Fender Mustang

This week's episode is all about the offset darling of the alt scene, The Fender Mustang. So stop smiling, start slouching and stare at your feet, hipsters!

Episode 2 - The Rickenbacker 360

This week's episode is about the venerable Rickenbacker 360. Why is it so jingly-jangly? Who designed it? Is Rickenbacker, California a place? You've got questions - we've got answers.

Episode 1 - The Fender Telecaster Deluxe

Join us as we wonder out loud what made Fender put humbuckers in guitars, and whether it turned out alright in the end...