Episode 46 - The Rickenbacker Lap Steel

We had a swell time this week hosting Graig Markel and Zera Marvel from Recovery Effects. They stopped by High Gain Central with a Rickenbacker lap steel guitar and a pile of their fine, fine pedals. We laughed, we cried, we made shit up.


Episode 45 - The Fender Precision Bass

Bass player Jeff Rouse joins Ed and John this week for a spirited look at pie, cat litter and the Fender Precision Bass. Join us, won’t you?


Episode 44 - The Strandberg Sälen

We head back to Sweden this week for a look at the Strandberg Sälen headless guitar. Truly an ergonomic wonder, we investigate its ins and outs and figure out who is playing them these days. Listen in!

Episode 43 - The Gretsch Silver Jet

So sparkly! This week we’re putting a beautiful 1955 Gretsch Silver Jet through the wringer of our pseudo-expertise. You won’t want to miss this one!

Episode 42 - The Epiphone Coronet

Ed and John are blown away this week by a startlingly great example of a 1959 Epiphone Coronet. If you’re looking to rip someone’s head off with a wall of sound, you might want to listen in to this episode.

Episode 41 - The Fernandes ZO-3

Superfan Steve Malibu visits us this week, and shares with us his encyclopedic knowledge of Deep Purple, as well as his sweet Fernandes ZO-3 guitar. Nothing is off-limits, and Steve delivers.

Episode 40 - The Hamer Sunburst

We’re heading back to Chicago! This time we’re exploring the beginnings of Hamer Guitars, via a 1978 black Sunburst. Paul Hamer was responsible for the first vintage guitar shop, and was arguably the first high-end boutique guitar maker. So there.

Episode 39 - The Gibson ES-335

This week we scratch the surface of the venerable Gibson ES-335 semi-hollowbody guitar. This thing has been the go-to instrument for a plethora of musicians since its introduction in 1958. What’s the fuss about? Listen in…

Episode 38 - The Gibson Nighthawk

A mini humbucker, a regular humbucker, AND a single coil? Could this be the closest Gibson ever got to being a Fender? Find out what we think of the Nighthawk.

Episode 37 - The Silvertone Silhouette

Remember Sears? Remember the catalog? Remember staring at the guitars for hours and hours, until you went blind in one eye? We do… This week we take a fond look back at those times, through the eyes of a 1964 Silvertone Silhouette.

Episode 36 - The Ernie Ball Music Man St. Vincent

Who’s got 4 thumbs and loves St. Vincent? Us! So this week we’re exploring the history of Ernie Ball Music Man, and taking a look at the St. Vincent signature model guitar.

Episode 35 - The Rickenbacker 4003

Welcome to the first episode of 2019 - a bass! We’re looking at all the good the Rickenbacker bass has done for the world, and it’s plenty!

Episode 34 - 2018: The Year In Review

Join us for a special look back at all the informative irreverence we foisted upon you, the faithful listeners, in 2018!

Episode 33 - The Electrical Guitar Company Series 2

This week we explore the wonderful world of aluminum….guitars. Sure, they’re heavy, but who couldn’t use a little extra core toning? Besides, nothing sounds as singular as a metal guitar. Add to that the acrylic body of the Electrical Guitar Company Series 2 and you‘ve got yerself an episode to write home about.

Episode 32 - The Burns Marquee

Off to merry old England this time, for a closer look at Burns guitars. We’ve got our biscuits and tea, and a red burst Marquee to play with. Enjoy!

Episode 31 - The Gibson Les Paul Junior

We’ve got a great show this week. Ed convinces John to try kombucha, and a beautiful 1955 Les Paul Junior is taken for a walk around the park. Spoiler: we love it (the guitar, not the park). Join us, won’t you?

Episode 30 - The Fender Telecaster

This week we pause to simply appreciate a crowd favorite - the Fender Telecaster. Lots of history, lots of music. And beverages. Enjoy!

Episode 29 - The PRS Artist

This week we enter uncharted waters, as John and Ed pay tribute to the fancy-pants world of Paul Reed Smith guitars. While listening to more nu-metal/progressive crap than they ever have, they nonetheless manage to come away impressed.

Episode 28 - Giulietti Guitars

We’re headed to Italy this week to investigate just how it came to be that the capital of accordion manufacturing ended up making guitars in the 1960s.