Episode 38 - The Gibson Nighthawk

A mini humbucker, a regular humbucker, AND a single coil? Could this be the closest Gibson ever got to being a Fender? Find out what we think of the Nighthawk.

Episode 37 - The Silvertone Silhouette

Remember Sears? Remember the catalog? Remember staring at the guitars for hours and hours, until you went blind in one eye? We do… This week we take a fond look back at those times, through the eyes of a 1964 Silvertone Silhouette.

Episode 36 - The Ernie Ball Music Man St. Vincent

Who’s got 4 thumbs and loves St. Vincent? Us! So this week we’re exploring the history of Ernie Ball Music Man, and taking a look at the St. Vincent signature model guitar.

Episode 35 - The Rickenbacker 4003

Welcome to the first episode of 2019 - a bass! We’re looking at all the good the Rickenbacker bass has done for the world, and it’s plenty!

Episode 34 - 2018: The Year In Review

Join us for a special look back at all the informative irreverence we foisted upon you, the faithful listeners, in 2018!

Episode 33 - The Electrical Guitar Company Series 2

This week we explore the wonderful world of aluminum….guitars. Sure, they’re heavy, but who couldn’t use a little extra core toning? Besides, nothing sounds as singular as a metal guitar. Add to that the acrylic body of the Electrical Guitar Company Series 2 and you‘ve got yerself an episode to write home about.

Episode 32 - The Burns Marquee

Off to merry old England this time, for a closer look at Burns guitars. We’ve got our biscuits and tea, and a red burst Marquee to play with. Enjoy!

Episode 31 - The Gibson Les Paul Junior

We’ve got a great show this week. Ed convinces John to try kombucha, and a beautiful 1955 Les Paul Junior is taken for a walk around the park. Spoiler: we love it (the guitar, not the park). Join us, won’t you?

Episode 30 - The Fender Telecaster

This week we pause to simply appreciate a crowd favorite - the Fender Telecaster. Lots of history, lots of music. And beverages. Enjoy!

Episode 29 - The PRS Artist

This week we enter uncharted waters, as John and Ed pay tribute to the fancy-pants world of Paul Reed Smith guitars. While listening to more nu-metal/progressive crap than they ever have, they nonetheless manage to come away impressed.

Episode 28 - Giulietti Guitars

We’re headed to Italy this week to investigate just how it came to be that the capital of accordion manufacturing ended up making guitars in the 1960s.

Episode 27 - The Kay K142

What was going on in Chicago in the 1950s? Guitar manufacturing, that’s what. And meat-packing. But mostly guitar manufacturing. Check out this sweet Kay 142 from the heyday of mass-produced American instruments.

Episode 26 - The Washburn N4

Ready for something different? This week we explore the weedly weedly world of shred guitar, courtesy of the Washburn N4 Nuno Bettencourt signature model guitar. Acting as our stunt guitarist is special guest Dan Teisan, of the Seattle band Late September Dogs.


Episode 25 - The Epiphone Casino

Join us this week as we head to Greece, Turkey, NYC and beyond, in search of the mojo behind the Epiphone Casino. There’s plenty of Turkish coffee and baklava for everyone…

Episode 24 - The Fender Jaguar

This week we veer away from an exhaustive look at the Fender Jaguar, because we have a guest! Brady Smith of Old Blood Noise Endeavors joins us all the way from Oklahoma, where he lovingly walks us through a pile of his pedals. If you ever wanted to get inside the head of a boutique pedal manufacturer, listen in…


Episode 23 - The Gretsch Astro-Jet

Join Ed and John this week as they welcome comic artist/writer/musician Matt Southworth and his vintage Gretsch Astro-Jet guitar. We even did shots of fermented pickle juice to mark the occasion…


Episode 22 - The Isana Deluxe

We head to Post-War Germany this week for a look into rare world of Isana guitars, with a stop along the way in Communist East Germany. You won’t want to miss this story.

Episode 21 - The Fender Bullet

This week’s episode features the Fender Bullet, the guitar meant to take the place of the Mustang and Musicmaster. That didn’t work out very well, but it sure is a fun, unusual instrument to play. Bonus: Ed and John talk about stuff they did over the Summer months…

Episode 20 - The Gibson Explorer

Join Ed and John as they explore the Explorer, the quintessential pointy guitar. Gibson debuted this beast in 1958, and it was a flop. Eventually, metal came along and saved it. The rest is history. Long-haired, spandex-wearing history…